the procedure setting up jffs2

Karim Yaghmour karim at
Thu Sep 12 18:37:53 EDT 2002

Jack Lu wrote:
> I am using RPX850 Lite with 16MB flash(4 chips of Am29Lv320MB) with buswidth
> 32 and interleave 4.
> I have complied the MTD and JFFS2 module into the kernel.
> When I start up the Linux, Linux found the 16MB flash, the whole flash
> corresponds to /dev/mtd0.
> 1. where can I get the mkfs.jffs2 excutable for MPC850?

Hmm... There are quite a few places that provide pre-packaged PPC tools,
Denx ( is one of those. If you have the cross-compiling tools
already, then building it on your own should be fairly easy also.

> 2. the bottom 256KB is the boot loader code of the 16MB flash. the rest si
> for storing data
>         if I do
>         #cat jffs2.image > /dev/mtd0
>         will the bootloader be erased?

The chip you mention is bottom-boot, so the above will very likely wipe-out
the bootloader. You probably want to partition your MTD device by modifying
the mapping driver and then write the JFFS2 image to another partition then
/dev/mtd0. Check drivers/mtd/tqm8xxl.c for an example.


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