DOC 2000 and GRUB

Mark Meade mark at
Fri Sep 6 07:00:10 EDT 2002

David Woodhouse wrote:
> hno at said:
> >  Or wait until the new NFTL format is understood, and use the M-Sys
> > DFORMAT 5.x  program format the flash and install GRUB (plus reserve
> > additional binary  boot partition space if needed for future upgrades
> > of GRUB)
> Doesn't the current CVS code work with the new format?

It seems to, on a DoC Millennium, anyway. 

After slightly modifying the Grub stage 2 code (bdev_diskonchip.c), I was 
able to get Grub to boot from a freshly 5.x dformatted DoC. 

This is the old "UnitSizeFactor" issue - this Millennium says the 
UnitSizeFactor is 0x00, which is assumed to mean the same thing as 0xFF.

I haven't tried any DoC 2000's that have a UnitSizeFactor that is not 0 or 
FF, but it looks like this should work as well, with the appropriate changes 
to bdev_diskonchip.c.

I'm guessing that many problems are caused by having the nftl module loaded 
during a fdisk, nftl_format, and/or doc_loadbios.

Following Henrik's advice to use DFORMAT to install GRUB, plus being *very* 
careful to make sure nftl is not loaded at inopportune times, seems to help.

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