No more DoC hotplug on Grub fail [tested & working]

Mark Meade mark at
Wed Sep 4 14:07:19 EDT 2002

Karim Yaghmour wrote:
> This is one way of looking at it. However, it seems that this then enforces
> a policy on the way developers use their hardware. Providing it as part of
> the official GRUB and having it disabled by default would provide a
> capability without enforcing a policy. A developer could then pass the
> "--enable-doc-check-keybrd" option to "configure" in order to activate the
> keyboard detection. This should be fairly easy to implement since all the
> added code is enclosed in "#ifdef KEYBRD_READ" statements.

Agreed.  It's just a matter of making everything fit into a very limited 
space.  As I mentioned earlier, maybe this feature is more valuable than the 
code that displays the manufacturer and chip ID codes.  Another option would 
be to make the SHOW_INFO and KEYBRD_READ conditionals mutually exclusive.


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