48meg DOC

Mark Meade mark at lakeshoremicro.com
Mon Sep 2 09:27:55 EDT 2002

Henrik Nordström wrote:
> Do I have to use the GRUB DOC firmware to support multiple partitions, or
> will it also work if using the M-Sys DOS driver firmware and loading GRUB
> via MBR?

You shouldn't need to have GRUB on the DoC to support multiple partitions.  
Grub is simply the bootloader -- the MTD/DoC stuff should work the same 
regardless of the presence of GRUB/LILO/whatever.  

> Not yet sure if I will go for the GRUB firmware or booting GRUB via the
> MBR and the M-Sys DOS driver, but having multiple partitions is a definite
> win!

Use the GRUB firmware if the DoC is the primary non-volatile storage in your 
system.  Off-topic, but if you have a MBR in your target system, what is the 
DoC used for?

> If I use the GRUB firmware, is there any difference if I install it using
> the M-Sys DFORMAT utility or by using the doc_loadbios Linux command?
> Would be great if DFORMAT could be used for the initial install, and
> doc_loadbios for field upgrades.

I have not found a reliable way to use DFORMAT to load the Grub firmware.  

In general, DFORMAT is only needed once (to install M-Sys firmware version 
4.2), and doc_loadbios is used to install GRUB.  


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