48meg DOC

Henrik Nordström hno at marasystems.com
Sun Sep 1 11:05:06 EDT 2002

Great! Will try first thing on Monday. Really dislikes the current ugly
solution with one single partition and the binary m-sys driver for many

Do I have to use the GRUB DOC firmware to support multiple partitions, or 
will it also work if using the M-Sys DOS driver firmware and loading GRUB 
via MBR?

Not yet sure if I will go for the GRUB firmware or booting GRUB via the
MBR and the M-Sys DOS driver, but having multiple partitions is a definite

If I use the GRUB firmware, is there any difference if I install it using 
the M-Sys DFORMAT utility or by using the doc_loadbios Linux command? 
Would be great if DFORMAT could be used for the initial install, and 
doc_loadbios for field upgrades.

Do the Linux NFTL driver support any forms of wear level hinting like the 
M-Sys driver does for FAT partitions to avoid copying of unused blocks?


On Sun, 1 Sep 2002, Mark Meade wrote:

> The UnitSizeFactor problem will go away if you reformat the DoC with the 4.2 
> version of the M-Sys DFORMAT utility.  This version is still available at 
> www.m-sys.com.
> After reformatting with 4.2, you should be able to use Grub for booting, and 
> also have multiple partitions on the DoC.
> Mark
> Henrik Nordstrom wrote:
> > But I have not yet figured out how to do this in a stable manner. GRUB does
> > not like my DOC chips complaining about a UnitSizeFactor parameter in the
> > NFTL header (perhaps because of them being formatted by the new firmware? 

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