Nand flash and blob

Thomas Gleixner tglx at
Mon Nov 25 12:15:45 EST 2002

On Monday 25 November 2002 17:49, Gabriel Goldstein wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm working on a arm based design where I have a 16MB Sandisk/Samsung
> nand flash device.  I think I have the Linux side settled buy using the
> standard MTD driver.
> I'm using BLOB and I'd like to know what people are doing to get the
> system loaded.  I have zImage, params, and ramdisk that I want to use my
> NAND device to store these blocks.
You will have to extend block to handle NAND. You could use the nand driver 
code from mtd-cvs for this. Be aware that you have to handle bad blocks, as 
your chip can have factory marked bad blocks.

On my system I have 1MB bootflash, where the bootloader, zImage and params are 
stored and my root filesystem is on a JFFS2 partition on NAND. Thats the 
fastest way to go along I think.

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