[PATCH] Add a map_sram driver to drivers/chips/

Ian Campbell icampbell at arcomcontrols.com
Tue Nov 12 06:05:25 EST 2002


The attached patch adds "map_sram" as a second chip driver in
drivers/mtd/chips/map_ram.c.  The two are basically identical apart from
the use of the MTD_VOLATILE flag.

I have another patch which makes an entirely separate map_sram.c, but
there was so much code duplication with map_ram.c I didn't see the
point. I guess if you are using modules then you will need 'alias
map_sram map_ram' in /etc/modules.conf or something to get autoloading
to work.

The patch also includes a previous patch to set the state to
MTD_ERASE_DONE in mapram_erase. This is needed to mount a JFFS2 f/s on
an SRAM or RAM device.


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