[PATCH] small fix for drivers/mtd/chips/map_ram.c in 2.4

Ian Campbell icampbell at arcomcontrols.com
Tue Nov 12 05:22:03 EST 2002


The attached one-liner was necessary to allow me to mount a JFFS2 file
system using an MTD device based on the map_ram map driver. 

It sets the state to MTD_ERASE_DONE in mapram_erase, if memory serves (I
did it a couple of weeks ago) not having this was causing badness in

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--- kernel-2.4.18.orig/drivers/mtd/chips/map_ram.c
+++ kernel-2.4.18/drivers/mtd/chips/map_ram.c
@@ -107,5 +107,7 @@
 	for (i=0; i<instr->len; i++)
 		map->write8(map, 0xFF, instr->addr + i);
+	instr->state = MTD_ERASE_DONE;
 	if (instr->callback)

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