MTD items not escaped by bus availability

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Thu Nov 7 09:00:34 EST 2002

e88cd5ffd87e620fdc30b3e6db510d03 at said:
>  I hope I am understanding the question/scenario you are proposing,
> but the answer seems to simple, so I am sure I am missing something.

> When/if someone makes that UML mapping driver, it would have it's

	YM "its"

(Sorry, customers being bloody stupid at me today and I have to be nasty to 
_someone_ or my brain will explode :)

> CONFIG_MTD_UML (or whatever they will call it) outside of the
> CONFIG_MEMORY bus protected portions of the MTD files.

But the options for the _chips_ it's able to find in that mapping are 
disabled because CONFIG_MEMORY_BUS is turned off.

A better plan would be to allow the chip configuration to be enabled iff 
there is at least one mapping driver enabled. 


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