how to make a bootable linux on doc

cytang cytang_cn at
Sat May 25 23:08:28 EDT 2002

> Here's a clue or two:
> 1)  You are using the M-Systems firmware in your
> DiskOnChip.
>      This is your first mistake.  It's crap.
yes , in dos my step is :
dinfo #then I get the driver letter of doc 
dformat d: /s:doc2.fff  # make a dummy firmware to
make it can boot from harddisk
so ,of course , I have M-system firmware .
If it is not recommended , what shall I do ?
what firmware can I use?

> 2)  You are trying to use M-Systems' hacked LILO to
> load linux.
>      This is your second mistake.  It's crap too.

 I have tried lilo-mtd ,but it also doesnot work.
> Do yourself a favour and use a patched Grub to load
> the system.
> It doesn't need the M-Systems crap and is much nicer
> than LILO
> anyway.

  I cannot find anything like howto . can you provide
me some information ?
After several days ,I still cannot find a example in
the maillist .

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