Newby question

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Mon May 20 02:49:27 EDT 2002

manningc2 at said:
> OK, I've pulled the latest mtd stuff from CVS and have it in a
> direcory  called ~/mtd.

> Now I want to apply these files to my kernel directory (ie so that the
> files  end up where they should be in the kernel tree).

> I figure there's some flavour of cp or something that I should be
> using. 

You should be able to build modules just by typing 'make', and it'll find 
the build tree for your kernel in /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build. You can 
override that with LINUXDIR= and also ARCH= and CROSS_COMPILE= as normal 
with a kernel build.

If you want to build stuff into your kernel, copy or symlink the contents 
of the drivers/mtd and include/linux/mtd directories into your kernel tree.

I usually just use symlinks into the checked out MTD tree, 
so I can continue to cvs update it easily, etc.

There's a '' script which does some of this, I think. I've never 
paid much attention to it.


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