FAT for NAND Flash

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Sat May 18 12:00:44 EDT 2002

studying_mtd at yahoo.com said:
> A. FAT: filesystem driver 
> B. Translation: translation layer on the NAND flash to
> make it emulate a normal hard drive
> C. MTD: Memory Technology Devices driver (MTD Block)
> D. NAND: generic NAND driver
> E. Hardware specific driver (Plus NFTL)

No. NFTL _is_ the translation layer in (B). The SmartMedia format could be
used in its place. The other list you gave looks more like the existing 

However, in neither list is item 'C' correct. Neither the 'mtdblock' nor 
'mtdchar' code is involved at all. NFTL or the SmartMedia code talks 
directly to the MTD device provided by the NAND code.


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