Kernel oops after sync command in jffs2

Frederic Giasson fgiasson at
Thu May 16 12:04:23 EDT 2002


	I am having a kernel oops when I do a sync command right after a
file erase in jffs2.  It have setup a test which copies a bunch of big files
into my jffs2 drive, then erase them and does a sync before doing another
loop.  My test program never fails at the first loop, but only after a few
tens of loops.

	The test I am running fills jffs2 to 99% full.  I have a 4MB AMD
AM29DL323 CFI flash device, therefore I am using cfi_cmdset_002 chip driver.
Right before the kernel oops message pops, I get this error message from the
chip driver: "waiting for erase to complete timed out.  Erase at 0x320000
failed immediately: errno -5".  Peering down into the chip driver code, I
found that the following contition occurs: 		

		/* The erasing didn't stop?? */
		if ((status & dq5) == dq5) {
			/* dq5 is active so we can do a reset and stop the
erase */

			printk( "Erase internally timed out in flash
device!!!\n" ); // temp by FG

			cfi_write(map, CMD(0xF0), chip->start);

	I know that the sync command triggers pending erases in jffs2.  This
is especially why I use it, because it proved that the "rm" / "cp" cycle of
my files is faster much more constant when I use sync between the "rm" and
the "cp" command.  Is sync command correctly supported by JFFS2?  Anyone
else experienced problems similar to mine?

Thanks in avance,

Frédéric Giasson 

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