NAND vs NOR Flashs?

Steven J. Hill sjhill at
Thu May 16 08:33:07 EDT 2002

Jim Zeus wrote:
>>I would like to know the diff. between NAND and NOR flash types.
>>Any pointers are appreciated.
> The size of NAND flash (8-128M)is always bigger than NOR flash (1-16M);
> Reading a NOR flash is a little faster than NAND flash;
> Erasing and Writing a NAND flash is much faster than NOR flash;
> So NAND flash is more fit for storing data and NOR flash is more fit for storing code.
> And there is ECC (error correction) in NAND flash.
> You can access NOR flash with SRAM interface and you have to do it with I/O port to NAND flash.
> Those are some of the differences between NAND and NOR flash.
That's some of it. Read the post I had from a while back:


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