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Greg Hosler hosler at lugs.org.sg
Wed May 15 07:10:30 EDT 2002


recently came across MTD. I have a DoC 2000 (quite a few, actually, but that's
another story :)

I'm interested to learn about using teh DoC under Linux, and have been actively
catching up in the archives.

I note, that aside from David's mtd-jffs-HOWTO, and NAND Flash document on his
website, there is not a real FAQ / HOWTO available.

so ...

In the process of my trying and learning, I'm going to document what I have to
do/learn/use/etc, and this will be the start of a HOWTO. Even though I've gone
thru the MTD archives, and the above documents, I still have some questions,
which will later be posted here. I'm thinking that I might as well write a FAQ
in conjunction with the HOWTO.

so... The purpose of this mail is to solicit Q's to put into the FAQ. I'll
organize the Q's, and that will be the basis of the FAQ. From there, I start
grepping the A's from the archives, and see what I can come up w/.

You can either post to the list, or mail me privately.

thx, and best rgds,


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