UnitSizeFactor of != 1 yet?

Mark Meade mark at lakeshoremicro.com
Wed Mar 13 10:05:05 EST 2002


With the latest revision of nfltmount.c (1.28), I was able to mount the DoC and create
files on the fat partition -- everything seems OK.  I didn't put in any additional checks
on UnitSizeFactor == 0, as it looks like the code has already assumed that 0 is equivalent
to 0xFF.

I created an ext2 partition, and attempted to boot from it.  The kernel booted, but I got
the following panic:

    NFTL: UnitSizeFactor 0x00 detected. This violates the spec but we think we know what
it means...
    nftla:<0>Kernel panic: unknown: request list destroyed

Attempting to mount this ext2 partition is successful, but I'm seeing multiple messages

    NFTL_findfreeblock: there are too few free EUNs
    Write Inhibited on EUN 919
    Folding chain 8 into unit 559
    Want to erase

Vadim - I noticed that during a nftl_format, there were messages about "skipping factory
marked bad zones".  Does the latest version of DFORMAT create a new bad block table?  I
was under the impression that my bad block table was long gone...


David Woodhouse wrote:

> Eep. OK, if you put a check in just before we deal with UnitSizeFactor,
> setting it to 0xFF if it was 0x00 - does that make it work? Don't break the
> memcmp with the later MediaHeader - use a local variable of something.

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