UnitSizeFactor of != 1 yet?

Mark Meade mark at lakeshoremicro.com
Tue Mar 12 20:03:48 EST 2002

David Woodhouse wrote:

> Er, as in "Sorry, we don't support UnitSizeFactor 0x00" ?

Yes, that was the message I got with the latest cvs code, after relocating the
ReplUnitTable assignment.

Just to make sure I didn't have something else screwed up, I went back to the source in
2.4.18, and added a printk of the UnitSizeFactor.  In that case, it also said 0.

The procedure that led up to this was a "DFORMAT /WIN:D000 /S:DOC504.EXB" in DOS, power
down, boot up Linux 2.4.18, and insmod.  The dformat command ends up putting a formatted
fat partition on the DoC.


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