Cf Card vs DiskOnChip

Ramya Ravichandran rrhsin at
Mon Jan 28 01:18:08 EST 2002

> OK so if I understand you correctly, you want to
> take a normal x86 system, 
> throw away the hand disk and put int a CF instead.
> If that is what you want to do then the sandisk link
> shows how.  All you need 
> is a very simple cable that goes from a standard IDE
> connector to a CF socket.
> My understanding, which might be off, is that if you
> look inside a Sandisk 
> Flashdrive then that is what you'll find.
Thanks for all the help. I want to understand PCMCIA ,
IDE , connectors , adapters,BIOS, hot-swapping, CF
socket, wear levelling ... all these terms were used
by you guys when u were helping me but being a newbie
I don't understand these terms. Can anyone suggest
some resources for me to understand these things.

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