Cf Card vs DiskOnChip

Charles Manning manningc2 at
Sat Jan 26 02:31:20 EST 2002

On Sat, 26 Jan 2002 19:29, Ramya Ravichandran wrote:
> > > Doesn't the ROM needed  depend on the application
> >
> > than
> >
> > > runs on Linux?
> >
> > you said "serial application". Doesn't seem like
> > much to me
> Right now I am trying to find out the price of DOC. I
> tried the serach words "DiskOnChip" and "DiskOnChip
> Price" . The search results explain DOC but don't give
> the price.
>    If the price of DOC  is less than the CF+IDE
> adapter or CF + PCMCIA-CF adapter then I guess we will
> settle for DOC.
>    Also I dont know which adapter to go for PCMCIA or
> IDE for CF as I am not a h/w person.

If the CF is "embedded" and you are not going to remove it while it is 
powered up (ie. use it like you would a DOC) then you quite likely do not 
need any PCMCIA adapter chips  I've seen a few designs using CF this way.

If you have an IDE bus/port on your board, then the following link also has 
an appnote on interfacing to that too.

See for some app notes on 
doing this kinda thing.

NB Though... CF has no wear levelling and might give some product lifetime 
issues (it's really a consumer technology designed with a Kleenex mentality).

-- Charles

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