experience with max block erase

Vipin Malik vipin.malik at daniel.com
Thu Jan 17 11:29:18 EST 2002

I would take their word for it as there is no way you can infer anything from
one (or even a couple of) tests.

I take it to mean that they "gurantee" that each sector can _at least_ handle 100K
erases without any chip failures or erase failures.
That's just my take.

AMD claims (gurantees?) 1million erase cycles/sector!


dennis noermann wrote:

> Hi
> i am intrested in testing some Intel Flash
> how much erase cycles it realy can do
> does someone has done this before ?
> i have some intel strata flash 28F640J3A
> "Each block can be independently erased 100,000 times"
> is this like the "food expiry date" ore "best before date" ?
> (sorry i dont know the right englisch word , but i think you undertstand it :) )
> ore have i to write some eraseprogramm and wait a long time :)
> dennis
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