experience with max block erase

Herman Oosthuysen Herman at WirelessNetworksInc.com
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In practice, your product will probably fail due to some other reason,
before the flash memory will fail, so don't worry too much about it.  For
instance, if the product has a keyboard of sorts, that will almost certainly
fail first and if it has batteries, it will go to the big bit bucket in the
sky even sooner.

100 000 cycles is lot.  You have to erase the chip about ten times per hour
continuously for 100 years to reach that number...
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> Hi
> i am intrested in testing some Intel Flash
> how much erase cycles it realy can do
> does someone has done this before ?
> i have some intel strata flash 28F640J3A
> "Each block can be independently erased 100,000 times"
> is this like the "food expiry date" ore "best before date" ?
> (sorry i dont know the right englisch word , but i think you undertstand
it :) )
> ore have i to write some eraseprogramm and wait a long time :)
> dennis
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