different crash (was Re: JFFS2 is crashing the kernel)

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Wed Jan 16 17:20:55 EST 2002

adam.wozniak at comdev.cc said:
> Is it possible that I could have had a kernel with build.c rev 1.21
> which wrote bad data to flash, then upgraded the kernel with a build.c
> rev 1.22 then got the crash?

No, it's an in-memory thing. Versions between 1.17 and 1.21 inclusive have
this bug - it's triggered if there are deleted inodes with still-valid nodes
on the flash. We free the inocaches too early, while they're still on the

> I'm a little distant from the actual test lab, so I don't have the
> whole history of the machine which crashed.  I also have machines in
> the field which are running with a build.c rev 1.21 or earlier.  Are
> they likely to be susceptable to this? 

For production machines, I'd recommend using the jffs2-2_4-branch from CVS. 
That has a couple of bugfixes which turned up during the eCos port, but not 
the rest of the code-shuffling. The latter _shouldn't_ make any difference, 
but there's no harm in being safe.


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