JFFS II Performance

Steve_Chen at kingston.com Steve_Chen at kingston.com
Thu Jan 3 19:51:05 EST 2002

Hi all,
We have just ported the JFFS II source code to Linux kernel "2.4.6".  And
we like to report a performance issue on JFFS II.  Comparing to JFFS, the
"mount" , "copy" and "ls" all take much longer to complete.  In one case,
we have 3 files on a flash NAND partition.  The size of first  two files is
1717 bytes, the size of the third file is 2M bytes.  After the JFFS II was
mounted (took 30 seconds), it took 35 seconds to complete the "ls -la"

I like to get some expert advice.

Did anyone experience a similar performance issue on JFFS II when dealing
with large files ?


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