writing new BBRAM driver

Tobias Otto-Adamczak toa at indakom.de
Tue Dec 17 04:49:38 EST 2002

Alex Pavloff, 2002-12-16, 14:33h:

> Does the minix fs have a small overhead like FAT12?   Could I use FAT12 if I
> was willing to stick with 8.3?  (Which wouldn't be a bad idea anyway, for
> other reasons in my project).

Of course you can use FAT12 if that suits your needs.

> Alright, one more question:  What should the erasesize be for BBRAM?

I set it to 0 for my project. I read in other messages here that
blocksize=erasesize but for erasesize=0 this is definitely not the case
:-) I did no modifications to the slram code and the sizes are:

erasesize=0 byte
sectorsize=512 byte
blocksize=1024 byte

Be careful to use fresh mtd code when you try this (in the latest
slram.c, it is predefined with 0 anyway). I run into problems with old


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