Intel sez: Synchronous Flash and XIP is the future -- thoughts?

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Mon Dec 16 04:56:47 EST 2002

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> Also true. Of course we have to distinguish between XIP of file system 
> pages and of the kernel -- I was ignoring the latter because it's even less 
> sane than the former. If you ever want to write to the chip, you have to 
> disable all interrupts and wait while the chip is busy. For up to 20 
> seconds, in the case of a slow erase.

Running the kernel XIP is not so insane. It can help to  reduce  boot
time.  We  still  more  than  3  seconds from power-on to application
start, which is not so  bad,  but  still  too  much  in  some  cases;
avoiding  the  memcpy()  of  some  2 MB of data is kind of attractive

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