Intel sez: Synchronous Flash and XIP is the future -- thoughts?

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> The power saving point is fair -- flash does take less power than RAM. But
> if you're _that_ short of power, you're likely to be using expensive (but
> low-power) SRAM, and have the rest of the system so tightly specified that
> you'll be more likely to be using something like eCos on it, not Linux.


> With the chips available today and in the near future, XIP, at least for a
> writable flash chip, makes virtually zero sense on Linux. Anyone who tries
> to tell you otherwise is either on crack, trying to sell you something, or
> both.

Also you might find problems running recent (and future)  kernels  in
XIP  mode  -  the kernel text segment is often not exactly read-only.
Especially when you use one f the existing real-time extensions  (but
not only then). It seems the amount of tweaking that is necessary for
XIP  is  growing  with  each new kernel release - to a level where it
becomes impractical.

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