Intel sez: Synchronous Flash and XIP is the future -- thoughts?

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Mon Dec 16 04:07:42 EST 2002

paulnash at said:
> so to really get the RAM reduction benefits of XIP, you'd have to not
> use compression, which means you'd probably need twice as much flash.
> Is that a reasonable conclusion? 

Yep. Especially so for those who sell flash chips, by an amazing coincidence

The power saving point is fair -- flash does take less power than RAM. But
if you're _that_ short of power, you're likely to be using expensive (but
low-power) SRAM, and have the rest of the system so tightly specified that
you'll be more likely to be using something like eCos on it, not Linux.

With the chips available today and in the near future, XIP, at least for a
writable flash chip, makes virtually zero sense on Linux. Anyone who tries
to tell you otherwise is either on crack, trying to sell you something, or


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