Can't mount jffs2 on mtdblock0

Eric Nelson eric_n2 at
Fri Apr 26 13:03:58 EDT 2002

I started w/ kernel-2.4.19-pre7, and downloaded the mtd from cvs in the last
couple of days.

I am using a 32 Meg DOC2000

I believe I configured the correct options in the kernel, and set up the correct
devices in dev, including mtdblock0 at 31 0.

I loaded the following modules:
mtdcore docecc doc2000 nftl mtdchar docprobe jffs2

I can cat /dev/mtd and see the DOC 2000

I built the util files, and used mkfs.jffs2 to build a JFFS2 image.

I originally saw the nftla, but later ran erase from offset 0, so I don't have
nftl, but, as I understand it, I don't need it for JFFS2.

I can cat jffs2.image to and from /dev/mtd0, and see the files with jffs2reader.

But, when I try:
mount -t jffs2 /dev/mtdblock0 /mnt
I get "No such device or address"

When I ran this command w/ strace, it seemed to mess up as follows:
.../sbin/mount.jffs2, ... No such file or directory
mount("/dev/mtdblock0", "/mnt", "jffs2", 0xnnnnn,0) = -1 ENOSYS Function not
 "               "               "                  = -1 ENXIO No such device or

Hopefully, I am missing something obvious.

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