Booting from a DiskOnChip2000

Russ Dill Russ.Dill at
Wed Apr 24 17:24:48 EDT 2002

On Wed, 2002-04-24 at 05:28, Thomas Preisig wrote:
> Hi
> I use a DiskOnChip 2000 and an Allwell Settopbox. I compiled the 2.4.18
> Linuxkernel with the MTD drivers.
> Mounting the DOC into the /mnt directory is no problem but now I've
> tried to install lilo on the DOC. I used a patched lilo version 21 from
> M-System. If I run lilo I get the message: Sorry don't know how to
> handle device 0x5d01.

use grub from CVS, works great. I have fsys_cramfs if anyone is
interested, I sent it to the grub people a while back, but haven't got
any replies

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