MTD partition help

Patrik Fuchs pfuchs at
Wed Apr 24 09:59:22 EDT 2002

I am  a complete newbie to this mtd mailing list and its subject.
I have a AMD flash  AM29F040B (512kB, 8 sectors) on a Walnut 405 GP board
and I want to partition this device. I have Hard Hat Linux 2.4.2 and I boot
it via PPC boot 1.1.5.  In the description from DENX PPC Boot and Linux
guide they say you have to define the partition in the board-specific
mapping routines, which can be seen in drivers/mtd/maps/. They took an
ICU862 board for example:
Static struct mtd_partition icu862_partitions[] = {
{   name: “kernel”,
     offset: 0,
      size: 1 << 20,
.and so on

I cannot find a similar configuration for my Walnut 405 GP board nor do I
find the maps directory in drivers/mtd. However I´ve found a file in the mtd
directory named cstm_cfi_jedec.c and I defined the partition there as a fit
of faintness.

static struct mtd_partition
cstm_cfi_jedec_partitions[PHYSMAP_NUMBER][MAX_PHYSMAP_PARTITIONS] = {
/*      {
                name: "main partition",
                size:  CONFIG_MTD_PHYSMAP_LEN,
                offset: 0,
       {                                             //example
                name: "ppcboot ",
                size: 192 << 10, // 3 Blocks
                offset: 0,
                name: "initrd ",                     //example
                size: 64 << 10, // 1 Block
                offset: 192 << 10,
.and so on

But this did not work. Whenever I check the partition using  cat   /proc/mtd
I get only this:
Dev:     size     erasesize     name

and nothing else although there are mtd entries from 0 to9 in the dev
Can someone help me out? Any hints where I am wrong? Thanx in advance

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