problem with old M-sys 1000 DOC

Trevor Warren trevorwarren at
Wed Apr 10 07:28:15 EDT 2002

Dudes...the mail below i got from some1 whose tryin to
act like a real smart ***.. 

  I may b wrong in my approach to the DOC for buildin
a thin client or other embedded systems which i wanna
use...but if i am wron, then some1 could point that
  I appreciate pple correctin me....not some1

>     Dudes....i know some of u would say....why dont
> buy a new card.........but i need to PROOVE to the
> management that Linux on the DOC could create a
>lovely product line for them using a DIskless Server
>based approach...nd diskless Thin clients........

It can't.

x86 is tied to a BIOS which is inappropriate for
discless use, and
DiskOnChip is poor at best and downright unreliable at

>  FOr which i hav to proove myself using the crappy
> hardware i have...:((
>   But i am determined to get it
> with microwindowz nd all..;)

Christ.  Can you at least *try* to look like an adult?

> -> Can pple help me out...or give me pointers as to
> where is the issues....nd why i am not able to
> format/mount/access the flash file system.

Read the instructions.  They are included in the
kernel sources.


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