Can cfi_cmdset.c functions be called by anybody?

Derek Ross dross at
Tue Apr 2 18:23:50 EST 2002

Would it be possible for me to modify, or
add to, the function pointers in the mtd_info
struct, so there there are also non-blocking 
write and erase functions?


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> dross at said:
> > This would be simplified if I were able to directly use the functions
> > from cfi_cmdset_0001.c.
> > Are the functions available for any application to use, or are they
> > only available for device drivers? 
> The read/write/erase functionality of the chip driver is presented to 
> userspace via the /dev/mtd[0123...] devices. Read and write work as 
> expected, and there's an ioctl to perform an erase.
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