Award BIOS flash programming

Jeremy Jackson jerj at
Mon Apr 1 14:20:08 EST 2002


I'm having trouble writing an MTD driver for some
common flash chips used in motherboard BIOS.
I'd like to merge /dev/bios project's support into MTD.

I'm having trouble getting writes to propagate to the 
bios flash device on two motherboards, 430TX & 430FX
based.  The AWDFLASH utility work ok on both. The
only bit in all the northbridge, southbridge, keyboard
controller, superio, flash chip that refers to write protect
is in the PIIX/PIIX4 southbridge.  Setting this bit to
either value fails to allow writes (logic probe on flash
chip WE#)

Under Linux, I've tried from kernel and user space.
Under dos, I've tried debug and uniflash.

Any perls of wisdom welcome.


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