PPCBoot can't read my jffs2 image

Jörn Engel joern at wohnheim.fh-wedel.de
Tue Apr 2 12:58:56 EST 2002


> Sorry for the cross post but this a problem with the way the linux-mtd
> layer and PPCBoot are interacting.
> So here's the situation, I've got PPCBoot+Linux running on a custom
> board.  I've formatted the flash to be one small raw partition for
> PPCBoot and the rest is a jffs2 filesystem.  PPCBoot is reading Linux
> and an initial ramdisk out of the jffs2.  In my original testing I was
> booting the board via tftp and nfs and then copying copying the
> filesystem onto the flash via /dev/mtdblock1.  This works great.  I
> reboot and PPCBoot sees everything in the jffs2.  Now I'm trying to
> automate this a little more so enhanced my build to give me a jffs2
> image "wombat.jffs2".  I create this image with mkfs.jffs2 and put it
> onto the flash by dd'ing it to /dev/mtd1:
> 	dd if=/wombat.jffs2 of=/dev/mtd1
> now when I mount /dev/mtdblock1 I can see the filesystem that I've put
> over there but when I reboot PPCBoot doesn't see any of the files that
> are there.  But if I boot back up Linux can still see all of those files
> OK.

Did you do the following before the dd?

	eraseall /dev/mtd1

Does the following give you a difference?

	dd if=/dev/mtdblock1 of=readback.jffs2 count=1 bs=<image size>
	diff readback.jffs2 wombat.jffs2

With <image size> being the size of wombat.jffs2.


ticks = jiffies;
while (ticks == jiffies);
ticks = jiffies;
-- /usr/src/linux/init/main.c

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