jffs & amd_flash.c

Jarkko Lavinen jlavi at iki.fi
Tue Sep 18 05:00:45 EDT 2001

> The flash chip I have also support simultaneous read and write on different
> plane simultaneously. Is your patch in latest CVS or do i have to get and
> apply???

It is in the MTD CVS, but the changes are so small it may not be worth the 
trouble to take fresh CVS image. flash_is_busy() is called only in two places.
The change applies to its second argument. Previously there was "chip->start".
Now there should be "adr".

For example in write_one_word() there should read:

891:  while (times_left-- && flash_is_busy(map, adr, private->interleave)) {

This cured all my writing problems. You may already have this fixed in
erase_one_block(), since I committed that already many weeks ago and the
write_one_word() change only last weekend.

Jarkko Lavinen

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