jffs & amd_flash.c

Kugan kugan at mediasolv.com
Tue Sep 18 04:37:35 EDT 2001

> I am using happily the amd_flash.c driver with AMD 64mbit non-CFI
> flash chip.  I haven't experienced this problem.  I am using
> arm-linux kernel, which is based on Alan Cox's 2.4.8-ac8.

I am using 2.0.38 uClinux kernel on ARM7TDMI

> Your problem seems not to be failing erase or programming, or is it?
> Surely the debugging message would nag about timeout errors?

I have a dual plane flash , I am running the kernel from the flash(XIP) and
I bott from romfs and mount a jffs partitione in the other flash plane
respect to kernel. when I mount I can see some data being written and read
back to verify, some time it if failing,

> There were problems in sector erase and word writing code in amd_flash.c.
> The problem was that the operation status query was not made form the
> same bank and sector as being erased or written into. This was an issue
> only with chips supporting simultaneous read & write on separate banks.
> I've committed a fixes for these problems into CVS.

The flash chip I have also support simultaneous read and write on different
plane simultaneously. Is your patch in latest CVS or do i have to get and

> The Amd driver works nicely for me and I although I had initially
> hardware configuration related speed problems they have been now
> resolved. Using the command
>   dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mtd0 bs=1k
I will try this

Thanx and regards

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