Kernel 2.4.0 and Doc2000

Yunus Shaikh yshaikh at
Mon Sep 10 05:00:31 EDT 2001

Hello all

I am a new member to this list. I am using kernel 2.4.0 with the latest
mtd-patch .
initially i mt nftla would not be mounted at all . Thanks to David for help
it finally
started mounting. after removing the erase mark check in nftlmount.c. now my
when i write data in to the doc i get most of the time i get errors like
Error Programming Flash
and also most of the time
Unable to handle kernel NULL Pointer dereference at virtual adress 00000000
and code: Bad EIP value

but the chips work well with m-sys drivers . i cannot upgrade the kernel. as
some patches of
the video card dont work with older kernels PLEASE HELP

Thanks in advance

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