Boot up problem with Kernel 2.4.8

Thomas Eschenbacher Thomas.Eschenbacher at
Mon Sep 10 01:03:40 EDT 2001

"Bao C. Ha" wrote:
> I have a strange problem with kernel 2.4.8.  When
> I tried to boot up with "root=/dev/mtdblock/3", it
> gets panic and can't find the root device.  When,
> I change to "root=1f03", it works.  I am using
> RedBoot if it matters, but it works with 2.4.5
> before.

I had the same problem with a plain 2.4.9. Rober Kaiser gave me the hint
that there's something missing in the device list in

    { "nftla", 0x5d00 },
    { "nftlb", 0x5d10 },
    { "nftlc", 0x5d20 },
    { "nftld", 0x5d30 },
    { "ftla", 0x2c00 },
    { "ftlb", 0x2c10 },
    { "ftlc", 0x2c20 },
    { "ftld", 0x2c30 },
    { "mtdblock", 0x1f00 },

As an alternative, you can switch to kernel 2.4.9 and apply Alan Cox's
patch-2.4.9-ac9. This also made JFFS2 working and maybe it also solves
your problem ;-)


(thanks to Alan for porting JFFS2!)
Thomas Eschenbacher                           Thomas.Eschenbacher at

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