lilo and mtd ans doc

Patrick Allaire pallaire at
Thu Sep 6 09:11:40 EDT 2001

in the mtd cvs download --> /mtd/patches there is a lilo-mtd.tar.gz ! inside
this file there is a lilo-mtd allready compiled and a lilo21-mtd-patch ...
should I recompile lilo our I should use the one that is there ? ... I am
currently using the precompiled one.

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> pallaire at said:
> > Kernel Panic : VFS: unable to mount root fs on 03:05 
> Er, that's /dev/hda5. It's not trying to mount the DiskOnChip at all.
> Try append="root=/dev/nftla1" instead of just root=/dev/nftla1
> LILO sucks like that.
> BTW, how many partitions do you have on the DiskOnChip? If 
> only one, why 
> are you wasting space on partitions rather than just using a 
> filesystem on 
> /dev/nftla ?
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> dwmw2

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