JFFS2 on 8MB Flash-Chip conneted to MPC850 works extremly slo w:(

Jonas Holmberg jonas.holmberg at axis.com
Wed Sep 5 05:25:30 EDT 2001

> What _are_ you using? If you're going through the MTD device 
> for the flash 
> chip, calling its read() method, that still ought to work.
> If you're trying to just read the compressed data in the 
> flash chip directly
> from the memory location you happen to know it's mapped at, 
> you've just
> demonstrated why XIP on a writable chips is such a pain :)

The latter i'm afraid... but I'm working on using jffs2 instead of cramfs.
Would you recommend a read-only (mount -o ro) jffs2 root partition as a replacement for a cramfs root partition?


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