Problems with Intel TE28F320 B3

Kremer, Alex alex.kremer at
Tue Sep 4 10:02:07 EDT 2001

I ran into the same problem a while ago and posted a patch.
The patch is to cvs from Aug, 19. Note that it modifies
the maps/dc21285.c code and, so I'm sending separately 
intel_bb.c file which adds support for 28F*B Fast Boot Block Series.

Here is a short explanation of what I found:

As opposed to Intel's 28F*J Strata Flash series the 
old Fast Boot Block (28F*B) series is not CFI compliant.
I couldn't coerce it to work as a jedec, neither.

The Lart (devices/lart.c) uses a chip from this series, but the data bus has
a totally crazy mapping.

I wrote a module for this series somewhat based on the chips/amd_flash.c
Since I have it mapped via dc21285 I modified maps/dc21285.c to probe using
my module ("intel_bb_probe") instead of using cfi_probe. 
(I also had to modify the write16, since the code there uses, IMO,  a wrong
addr. mask).

BTW: For some reason for Intel's 28F* chips the most important is the letter
	that follows the size code, so the 28F128J means that it belongs to
a Strata Flash line
	which is CFI comliant, while 28F128B belongs to the Fast Boot Block
Flash line, which is
	really a pre-CFI,	and the CFI code wont work.

The modification to maps/dc21285.c should probably try to first probe cfi,
fallback to intel_bb
and at the end try rom mapping, so at least kernel can mount root. Does
anyone have a better suggestion.


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| Some of the 28F320 chips are CFI-compliant and some aren't. The other 
| letters and numbers you quoted didn't seem to help me work 
| out which you 
| have.
| You don't 
| need them.
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