David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Tue Oct 16 12:37:59 EDT 2001

joakim.tjernlund at said:
> I have noticed that when I mount a jffs2 FS(created with mkfs.jffs2)
> for the first time and look at the output of the df command, I see
> that "Use%" field slowly rise to 100% and then it drops back to ~15%
> and then it stays there. During this rise I also noticed that kupdate
> was eating alot of CPU(~80%)

> Is this normal? 

The first time it's mounted, all the blocks need to be erased and 
formatted correctly. That's done in the context of kupdated. The Use% field 
is high because the blocks are being taken out of the list of available 
blocks - we should probably fix that.

>  Is there any point to have a config option for preferred compression
> algorithm order?

Probably not. If you want rtime first you might as well just omit zlib 
completely. And yes, rtime will be faster. 


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