Driver for Flash NAND KM29U128T

blite at blite at
Thu Oct 11 11:14:20 EDT 2001

  Hi all

    I'm newbie in embedded linux system, and I have a couple of
    I'm working with a NAND flash memory from Samsung (KM29U128T) and i
    have seen this project perfect for what i need.  I have seen in
    file 'nand_ids.h' that there is a reference to my memory. ({"Samsung
    KM29U128T", NAND_MFR_SAMSUNG, 0x73, 24, 0, 2, 0x4000},) and i have
    tryed to compile it. Well, after some problems during compilation,
    i get a kernel with support for nand memories, but it fails when i
    boot from it. 
    I have read sources in drivers/nand directory and i think
    that i need to fill/modify something there to work with my flash. 
    Is this correct? It looks like spia.c is an example or something
    like that. Can i start from here? 
    I have the data sheet for my flash memory, and i think that it's from
    here where i have to take data to fill my driver, isn't?  

    Well, really i am not sure if i am on the right track. Can anyone
    tell me? And finally, have anybody this driver made? Can i get it
    from somewhere?


    Well, excuse me if the questions are trivial, but i'm only a
    begginer in this world. Thank you anyway 

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