JFFS any erase sector?

Arne Jonsson arne.jonsson at i3micro.com
Thu Oct 11 10:14:47 EDT 2001


I have been trying to get a grip of JFFS (not JFFS2).
Is there any documentation out there that tells you how
to organize your flash re. partitioning?
Is there a need for any erasesector that GC might need
or can I just allocate 2MB-64kB for use by the filesystem.
The -64kB is for the small sectors that I don't know if I
can use. The example above is for a 2MB AMD flash.
For now I am using the "old" JFFS, i.e not using any MTD,
on uClinux for ARM7TDMI.
I will migrate to the one used with MTD any day now but it would
be nice to know what is happening.

Please, anyone??

/Arne Jonsson

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