4 x AMD29LV800B CFI?

Geoffrey Espin espin at idiom.com
Tue Nov 27 22:30:15 EST 2001

> >  Perhaps my h/w setup is insisting that all 4 parts are programmed at
> > once?  I see ifdef SOMEONE_ACTUALLY... for width 4 type 32 interleave
> > 4; maybe this means generate the right pattern? 
> That's around the code for 32-bit flash chips. You don't have 32-bit chips, 
> you have 16-bit chips, in 8-bit mode.
> I've used the 29LV160, and it's definitely CFI-compliant. Strangely, the 
> 29LV800 isn't. But the jedec_probe code doesn't yet recognise it. Try 
> this...
> Index: drivers/mtd/chips/jedec_probe.c
> ...

Thanks, David, ever so much for the patch.  I'd played with Jedec too.
I actually got amd_flash.c to seemingly work on its own -- just
tested with "mtd_debug read/write ..."  My hacked amd_flash.c prints:

    Physically mapped flash: Found 1 x 4MiB AMD AM29LV800BT (*4) at 0x0

I'd prefer to use your version, will give it a try...

Geoffrey Espin
espin at idiom.com 

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