new slram

Jochen Schaeuble psionic at
Mon May 21 05:42:40 EDT 2001

Last week I checked in a new version of the slram module. The new version
supports multiple memory regions and includes some minor enhancements.
The module-parameters has also changed. To specify a device the following
parameters are required (if slram is statically compiled into the kernel,
the parameter is called slram not map)

  modprobe slram map=<devname>,<devstart>,<devlength / devend>

    <devname> : the name of the device to add (this will appear in /proc/mtd)
    <devstart>: the start of the device
    <devlength / devend>: length or end of the device. To specify the length
                          of the device add a '+' in the front of the number.

To make life easier the numbers can also be specified in megabytes or kilobytes
by adding a 'm' (or 'M') or 'k' (or 'K') at the end of the number.

  modprobe slram map=dev1,50M,+4M

  this maps the memory region from 50M to 54M to a mtd-device

  modprobe slram map=dev1,50M,+2M,dev2,52M,+4M

  this adds two devices

Any comments on this?


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