DOC problems on PowerPC

Shuh C Chang schang at
Mon May 14 10:36:49 EDT 2001

> All I had to do is to run "eraseall /dev/mtd0",

Is "eraseall" equivalent to the DOS utility "docpmap /e" in functionality?
Anyone who can shed some light?

Shuh Chang

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Subject: DOC problems on PowerPC

> Hi, all
> I was able to solve the DOC problems on PowerPC I've reported yesterday.
> All I had to do is to run "eraseall /dev/mtd0", then run "nftl_format
> /dev/mtd0"
> and  then create partitions with fdisk.
> Can someone please explain me the difference between eraseall and
> nftl_format.
> HOWTO says nothing about it.
> By the way, the latest mtd code would not compile, at least on my 2.4.2
> kernel
> unless you add #include <linux/kmod.h> to chipreg.c.  This is because of
> a call to request_module() in do_map_probe(), which IMHO should be
> under #ifdef CONFIG_KMOD, and not #ifdef CONFIG_MODULES.
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