DOC problems on PowerPC

Felix Radensky felix at
Mon May 14 10:13:31 EDT 2001

Hi, all

I was able to solve the DOC problems on PowerPC I've reported yesterday.

All I had to do is to run "eraseall /dev/mtd0", then run "nftl_format
and  then create partitions with fdisk.

Can someone please explain me the difference between eraseall and
HOWTO says nothing about it.

By the way, the latest mtd code would not compile, at least on my 2.4.2
unless you add #include <linux/kmod.h> to chipreg.c.  This is because of

a call to request_module() in do_map_probe(), which IMHO should be
under #ifdef CONFIG_KMOD, and not #ifdef CONFIG_MODULES.

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