Oddities with MTD/DOC

Vadim Khamlinsky Vadimk at m-sys.com
Wed May 9 11:16:50 EDT 2001

Never try to erase the whole diskonchip by using docpmap /e .
After that there is a very good chance that you will not be able to 
work with this DOC again since, you erase a bad block table of the device .
If you want to return diskonchip back to its virgin state do the following :

1. docpmap /b /f:file_name 
  This operation saves bad block of the device in the file named file_name

2. docpmap /bc /f:file_name  
   This operation returns diskonchip to its virgin state, but does not
erases bad blocks .

3.  Now you can reformat diskonchip .


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If you have the M-System's DOS utility (downloadable), then try this:

docpmap /e

and see if it would wipe out the whole DOC and allows you to re-format again
using dformat (another DOS utility from M-System).  After that, try it in
Linux and see if it recognizes the DOC again.

Shuh Chang

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> Just a question for you all: Have you ever had a DOC just *not* work
> anymore?  After formatting/installing my software on one for about 10-20
> times, the device refuses to be recognized by the kernel. I have a stack
> boxes that are in this state now.  Do I have to do some kind of low level
> format to them? I can't even fdisk them.  I would have a hard time
> these are all just faulty.  Any insight on this?
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