Linux-mtd and DiskOnChip usage

Oron Ogdan Orono at
Fri May 4 07:56:31 EDT 2001

Dear Linux-mtd members

My name is Oron Ogdan, I am working for M-Systems as the European Technical
Director, I am a passive reader of this list and I have been following it on
and off from it's very first days. 

I am interested in building a business case for opening more of our
technology to activities such as this one and would like to understand the
impact and reach of such a list. As with many open-source projects, most of
what you read are people who write about the code, it is very difficult to
understand or estimate even roughly, how many of our products are being sold
with the support of the Linux-mtd project just by following the list.

What I would like to get are very basic details regarding projects (only
public non confidential information of course) which use M-Systems products,
with the following information

Example : 

Storage Device & Capacity : 32MB M-Systems DiskOnChip 2000 
Form Factor : DIP / DIMM / TSOP
Potential : 500 pieces per month / quarter / year

Company : Acme Ltd
Project : PDA Device

Since this information will be used only to compile a list of the total
M-Systems' products expected to be sold with support by the Linux-mtd
activity I really don't need the company name and project name, However, it
would be nice to have this information just for reference. 

Best regards, Thanks to everyone who can contribute. (Please send replies
directly to my email unless you believe it of interest to all the group).

Oron Ogdan
European Technical Director

+44.870.163.8773 (United Kingdom fax only)  

M-Systems, creating the unforgettable.

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